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And so, it's been a great ride.

In September of 1955, the then assistant pastor of Redeemer Covenant, the late Rev. Jim Hawkinson asked me if I would help Chuck Johnson coach the church's Hi League basketball team. I said yes and the adventure lasted for over 55 years.

In 2007 our basketball league the Covenant Athletic League closed its doors after 91 years and now we shut down the basketball activities of Beverly Covenant. In both cases, the economy had a little bit to do with it. We have been practicing at the Morgan Park Academy for the last 41 years. My thanks to MPA for all the help they gave us over the years.

A number of men have been involved with the coaching of our basketball and softball teams over the years. I apologize now if I forgot some names.

My Hi League basketball coach, the late Irv Olson, the late Bert Anderson, Chuck" Chili" Johnson, Rich Nelson, Chuck Wilke, Stu Essen, Mike Geary, Bill Looney, Jim Christ, John Geary, Chris Berghoff, Brian Geary, Darrell Vetter, John Kilstrom, Jeff Anderson, Brandon Kilstrom, Bob Cooney, Josh Christ and a great friend, our junior and senior team coach for all the years, as well as a league officer, Tom Marinier.

My thanks to all the women who helped with the cheerleaders, the late Betty Jane Ayers, Bonnie DeSchaaf, Cheryl Christ, Suzanne Smith and others.

My thanks to all the fine young men and women who played on our teams and showed real sportsmanship as they represented our church.

My thanks to the members of the church who supported our teams over the years, and enjoyed with the teams the fun of Saturday night basketball, first at Foster Park and then Oak Lawn Community High School.

Also Softball games played at Brainerd Park and then Beverly Park. We won some and lost some but. hope everyone enjoyed their time with the basketball and softball teams.

Submitted by, Roy Odman

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