Bailey and Potter, CPA

A Lighthouse in the Village


June 4, 2017
Psalm 104:29b-30; Acts 2:2-4

1st Sunday after Pentecost
June 11, 2017
James 1:1-4


2nd Sunday after Pentecost
June 18, 2017

James 1:5-8


3rd Sunday after Pentecost
June 25, 2017




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Ongoing Opportunities

M.O.P.S. at Beverly

Welcome. . .

Welcome to Beverly Covenant Church. All are invited to join us on Sunday as we worship. Sunday schedule listed under "About Us."

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Schedule. . .

Beverly Evangelical Covenant Church
10545 South Claremont Avenue
Chicago, IL 60643

Donald K. Nelson, Senior Pastor

Phone: 773-445-4319
Fax: 773445-4399

Sunday Worship Schedule (September thru May)

 9:30 a.m. T.G.I.S.
   Thank God It's Sunday - Christian Education classes for all ages
10:45 a.m. Worship Service
    Loving infant and toddler childcare provided

Sunday Worship Schedule
(June thru August)

10:00 a.m. Worship Service
   Loving infant and toddler childcare provided


Welcome | Our Logo

The Covenant Logo . . .

The unique character of the Covenant is expressed in the design of the Covenant logo--people united in Christ, people serving people in God's name, and people bringing people to Christ.
The basis of the design is symbolic of four people facing north, south, east, and west. Note that each one's arms are outstretched, indicating the church's outreach in mission and service to the world. The four are part of the whole, yet their hands do not touch, symbolizing their unity in the freedom and evangelical warmth that characterizes the Covenant.

The geometric arrangement of the four figures results in a crosslike pattern, representative of the center of our faith.

The center circle symbolizes the unity and the bond of fellowship which we call "the Covenant".

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Our Mission...


We exist to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ,

Challenging all to be transformed by Him,

Loving each other in Him, and

Serving our neighbors with Him.



4th Sunday after Pentecost
July 2, 2017


5thSunday after Pentecost
July 9, 2017


6th Sunday after Pentecost
July 16, 2017


7th Sunday after Pentecost
July 23, 2017

7th Sunday after Pentecost
July 30, 2017



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10545 South Claremont Avenue
Chicago, IL 60643